I'd Still Find You (Part 1)

Title: I'd Still Find You (Complete)
Author: sweet_poeia
Pairing: Adam Lambert/Kris Allen
Words: ~15,000
Rating: PG-13
Beta: indyakasha
Notes/disclaimer: Fluffity fluff with a cottontail on top.  Completely fabricated, no disrespect intended.  Hugs and thanks to the spectacular indyakasha for her help and overall niftiness. Title is from Kris's song, "Blindfolded."

Summary: “I wish that I could just meet someone who had never heard of me before and didn’t give a shit about if I’m famous.”

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A Kiss From a Rose

Title: A Kiss From a Rose
Author: sweet_poeia
Pairing: Kris Allen/Adam Lambert
Words: 7,900
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Title from the song by Seal. High school AU. There really was a carnation day at my high school! It was the source of much intrigue and heartbreak.

Written for lexiewallace who generously donated to krisfansunite in exchange for this fic. I hope you like it bb! Much love and thanks to condancer for the invaluable beta--her suggestions transformed this little story.

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